Stepping Out Strong (Fall 2018)

Stepping Out Strong (Fall 2018)

BHI had the opportunity to serve the community and speak to the North Berkeley Senior Center and discuss how the elderly residents could strengthen their bones. This ABH sponsored event was led by BHI’s peer educators: Nolan Chen, Chigozie Maduchukwu, and Alyssa Febre. This hour long event was open to all of the residents of the North Berkeley Senior Center, and many came with questions, concerns, and were ready to exercise!

The primary goal of this event was to teach the elderly community about how they can strengthen their muscles, in order to prevent falls and fractures. As humans age, their bone mass decreases. Those with osteoporosis are at great risk for fractures. These fractures can lead to other health concerns, thus it is important that elderly do all they can to prevent falls. This includes building up their body to avoid falling in the first place. Our peer educators took the time to go over a number of exercises designed to help them do just that!

The beauty of the Stepping out Strong event is that all of the exercises can be done in the individual’s own home. By simply using a chair as a prop, and using discretion as a guide, all of the exercises can be done in their own rooms. From modified squats, to knee raises, to proper posture when bending and lifting, the participants received information on simple ways to protect their bones.



BHI’s peer educators were also questioned at the end of the event. Each participant received a handout that exemplified the workouts, however some asked on questions about their current state. The peer educators encouraged others to do their best with the workouts, because practice can lead to muscle strength and balance improvement. Other questions about nutrition, such as calcium intake, and vitamin D levels, were asked. The peer educators emphasized the importance having a dialogue with the participants’ health care providers, and they also made the practical suggestions based off of their training.

BHI was glad to support the community by their involvement at Stepping Out Strong, and hope to do so again soon!


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