About Us

Bone Health Initiative provides education, resources, and tools to help students and local communities understand bone disease and bone health. As the only student-run organization on the UC Berkeley campus that works on issues regarding bone health, BHI works in conjunction with multiple non-profit organizations and foundations to further support our mission and causes. Our mission is to spread timely bone health information that supports the development and maintenance of strong and healthy bones as well as the prevention, detection and treatment of bone diseases.

Through BHI, students have the opportunity to become a certified peer educator through American Bone Health, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to bone health. In doing so, you are given the knowledge and skills to effectively educate the public about different aspects of bone health and bone disease. With that certification, BHI gives you hands-on experience in developing educational materials and the opportunity to raise awareness by sharing them with surrounding communities.

Under normal circumstances, BHI members do outreach at a variety of places including conferences, health fairs, senior centers, affordable housing units, and elementary school to provide educational workshops. Because this semester will be remote, BHI will deliver our Bone Builders Program workshops to schools virtually, develop educational materials related to nutrition and posture amidst shelter-in-place orders, and construct new workshops aimed for older students.

This fall semester, we will be meeting virtually weekly on Mondays from 7pm-8pm via Zoom.

Please feel free to contact us at bonehealthinitiative@gmail.com or at our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/bhiberkeley/)

Spring 2019 Photoshoot